Meet The Team!

Kabir Karamchandani

Parker Swanson

Ishaan Thota

Kabir Karamchandani (she/they) is a computer science and creative writing double major in the class of 2022. As a developer for Paire, she worked on the back-end algorithms. Paire excites Kabir because she believes it will provide a dating platform to people ignored by other dating apps. Kabir is a big believer in social connection, and loves engaging in various communities, including being an RA, coordinating and playing on Oberlin’s Magic: The Gathering CSL team, teaching an ExCo on Competitive MTG, and being an active member of OAsis, Oberlin’s Asexual/Aromantic spectrum group.

Parker Swanson (he/him/his) is a math and computer science major in the class of 2022. As one of the developers for Paire he worked primarily on backend database issues and integration of the cloud service provider and the website. The development of Paire excites Parker because he feels it provides an unparalleled dating app experience that focuses on promoting deep connections while also providing a space where people of diverse genders and sexualities have the opportunity to properly identify themselves to potential dates. Outside of Paire, he is a member of the Flying Horsecows frisbee team and a percussionist for the Oberlin College Wind Ensemble.

Ishaan Thota (he/him/his) is a biology and computer science double major in the class of 2022. As a developer for Paire, he worked on the front-end aspects of development. Ishaan is excited about the development of Paire because he believes Paire will satisfy Oberlin’s need for a dating app that better reflects the community’s values and people. Outside of Paire, Ishaan also works as a student researcher in the Cruz Lab, currently investigating the timing of embryonic genome activation in short-tailed grey opossums. He also taught the Pokemon Showdown ExCo and is hoping to cultivate a greater Pokemon scene on campus.